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From fertility treatments with proven success rates, futuristic procedures with guaranteed miracles, and the best counseling Chennai has ever seen, on fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, Firm Hospitals has been the go-to place for all things maternity and clearly emerged as one of the best maternity hospitals in the city.

Antenatal Care Experts

Antenatal Care lies at the core of what we do at Firm Hospitals. We follow an innovative and evidence-based approach with the right guidelines to ensure that women feel cared for during their pregnancy journey, thereby enhancing their experience of pregnancy and also ensuring that their babies have the best possible start in life and are delivered safely.

We monitor the health of moms and their babies right from the confirmation of conception of the baby, until successful delivery - offering best in field guidance and expertise from medical experts who are outstanding at providing excellent, affordable and international quality health care for those who wish to take the path to parenthood.

maternity care

What to Expect when You're Expecting

At Firm Hospitals, we conduct free antenatal programs for all expectant mothers (including exercises, diet and antenatal care) to help you have a healthy pregnancy. Regular ultrasound scans are available at any point of the day with an in-house radiologist approachable at all times, for diagnosis and observations.

World-class, multi-positioning birthing beds bedeck our labour room floor, which is fully furnished with all the latest gadgets and amenities to put you at toal ease during your visit. Our experts are available round-the-clock to offer Epidural Analgesia, for those who do not want to endure labour pain.

At Firm Hospitals, the whole journey of motherhood is an amazing experience that gives you a feeling of staying at home, away from home.

Routine Maternity Care

Routine Maternity Care

The first stage of pregnancy, or the first trimester, is very important for both the mother..

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High Risk Obstetrics

Commonly termed as High-risk Pregnancy, it is one that involves increased health risks..

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Post-Natal Care & Exercise

After months of anticipation and rigorous labour and delivery, Postpartum care begins..

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Lactation Counselling

Breastfeeding nutrition can be confusing for new mothers. How much should she eat?

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Successful Parenthood Journeys

Going to the gynecologist can be an anxiety provoking experience. I can honestly say that this is not the experience of Dr. Malaraj’s patients. She is friendly, non-judgemental, understanding, and really takes the time to listen and talk. You will never feel like you are being rushed out the door. I had been travelling with Dr Malaraj since March 2016. The issues I had in conceiving never seemed a threat as I knew God has put me on the safe hands of Dr.Malaraj. My treatment started from then, went on taking up a laparoscopic procedure and in a month's time I became pregnant. Though my antenatal period was eventful, the last month did not go that way. But with the Doctor's able guidance and her vast knowledge of science she helped me deliver our Prince Charming on April 20th 2017 safely without any complications. The entire team is so as the chief (Dr.Malaraj) in delivering excellent patient care and what not. I had been admitted thrice in the hospital (R.No 206, 210 and 201) not once i felt that I'm missing home. The ambience itself alleviates all the anxiety and fear. Dr.Malaraj, You are incredible at what you do and we're SO thankful we found you!

Angeline & Vivek,

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Maternity Care

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Maternity Care

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